Manager/Make-Up Artist

Olivia is a certified Makeup Artist who is passionate about working in all streams of makeup. She has been working with us at Acqua Salon Co. since graduating from Blanche Macdonald’s Global Makeup Program in 2018. Her main goal is collaboration and comfort with her guests. Beauty starts from within and she strives to make that extend outwardly through the power of makeup. Her makeup skills are as diverse as they are impressive. Her extensive training and experience have equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to create a wide range of looks for various occasions and settings.

For brides-to-be, Olivia is a go-to makeup artist for stunning looks. She understands that every bride has a unique vision for their wedding day, and she works closely with her guests to create a personalized and flawless look that enhances their natural beauty.

In addition to bridal makeup, Olivia is also highly skilled in creating looks for events such as proms, galas, and other special occasions. Whether her guests are looking for a classic, elegant look or something bold and dramatic, Olivia has the talent and creativity to make their vision a reality.

Olivia is a true jack of all trades! You will find her running the front desk, answering phones and booking appointments with a warm and friendly demeanor. Olivia also has a knack for making guests feel comfortable and at ease, creating a welcoming atmosphere at the salon.

Her fun-loving nature extends beyond the salon walls. She is also highly skilled in creating engaging social media content that captures the spirit of Acqua Salon Co. and showcases the amazing work of her fellow colleagues.